The Shishi-Odoshi is made mostly out of 4" bamboo apart from the spout that trickles the water into the swinging arm which is 2"bamboo.The water is circulated with a small pond pump which is placed in the large bowl with three bricks placed round the sides to support a metal grill which is covered with medium sized stones to hide the pump and placed just below water level. The outlet from the pump is a two way outlet so that one outlet just rises to the top of the bowl to make the water surface just ripple and the other goes through the side of the bowl and up the inside of the bamboo to be trickled into the swinging arm that when full will tip up and spill the water into the bowl to be recirculated, when the swinging arm is emptied it swings back and thumps on to a rock making the loud thumping sound to scare away the deer.

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