These photo's are of lanterns I have made myself they are made from thermalite blocks which are very easy to work with an old wood saw,chisell and electric drill. The blocks are what are used on the inside of houses, and can be bought from any DIY store. with a little bit of time and effort you can really make a first class job, when finished cover with ceramic tile, fix and grout (grey), then paint with yoghurt or sour milk and place in the garden to weather. The first photo is the first lantern I made about fifteen years ago, this one was made with a home made mould ,made out of wood for the top and fire box ,and an earthen ware drainage pipe for the stem painted with a cement wash .The second photo is the first lantern I made from the thermalite blocks it could do with a little more work on it to finish it off which I will do one day when I get around to it. The third photo is just another variation ,and the forth photo is a cantilever style which is stood at the side of the small pond. It just shows what can be done with these blocks ,the time to shape one lantern is aprox two hours and the cost in English money for the blocks for a complete lantern is less than �5.And they are also frost proof so there is no problem with the weather.
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