The first moongate I made was made with granite setts, I made a wooden frame and built the setts around it with cement and after a couple of days for it to set I removed the frame, and with me being a butcher and not a bricky the setts came tumbling down and I was underneath so I finished up at the hospital to have some stitches in my head and also my hands.  (the moral here is if your not a bricky don't stand under your own bricklaying.) So the next step was to keep the bottom setts and make a hollow semi-circle tube out of timber and slot it over the setts, after about five years the wood eventually started to rot, so the one I have now is the same bottom but the top is made out of 3/4" external plywood made the same like a tube but I have covered it with ceramic tile and grout which as made it look like cement and then painted it with three coats of black waterproof roof paint to make it weatherproof. I am really pleased with this one.

I know they don't have moongates in Japanese gardens but I think mine frames the view through to the garden.


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