My original bridge was a wooden one but it was to bulky and concealed  a lot of the view  at the back of the small pond, so I used the base as a template to make a concrete bridge, I covered the base with a thin sheet of plywood and built the sides up 3 1/2" and blocked the ends off so in effect I had a humped back trough I then placed some weld mesh in and also covered it with chicken wire then filled with concrete and carefully placed the four stepping stones of the four seasons in the concrete, then signed it with my initials and the year and covered it over so that it wouldn't set to quickly and left it covered for three days apart from uncovering and spraying with water. the next job was to make the sides out of wood with my jigsaw.

  1. The base of the old bridge covered and made into a mould

  2. Chicken wire in place.

  3. The weld mesh.

  4. Chicken wire and weld mesh in place in the mould.

  5. Mould filled with concrete and the stepping stones of the FOUR SEASONS put in place.

  6. The concrete covered with a plastic sheet to keep the moisture in and slow down the concrete from setting.

  7. The finished article my own DIY "BRIDGE OF THE FOUR SEASONS"

  8. The bridge in place over the small pond.

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