A Beautiful Dinkelsbuhl Carp



BIG LILL  deserves a page on her own I  bought her thirty years ago from a carp farm called Newhay Fisheries at Cliffe which is near Selby in Yorkshire UK. She isn't a koi but she is a beautiful Dinkelsbuhl carp, she is the variety that the monks used to grow on for food in the monasteries of olden times, she is so tame that if she could walk she would follow you to the shops, she eats from your hand and allows you to stroke her. When I bought her I bought her by weight she cost �3 per pound and she weighed 7 pounds total �21 the owner said give me �20 so I got her for �20.She was weighed in 2001 and tipped the scales at just over twenty pounds, so she will be heavier now (2006) she is aprox26/28" long and her depth of body must be 10/12" her colour is a nice velvety blue/black.
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